The absolute guide on how to create a WordPress website for beginners

The absolute guide on how to create a WordPress website for beginners

This post details how you can create a WordPress website in a simple step by step process. The post is designed for non-techies and making a website for your business is not as hard as you think.

We will dive right into it.

This article will teach you in a simple, clear and direct manner that can allow even a 10th grader create one for themselves!

Clear your schedule, lend me your 45 minutes and we shall create a beautiful, basic WordPress website for your business.


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Why WordPress?

The million-dollar question.

Well, WordPress is one of the best…Scratch that…WordPress is the BEST drag and drop platform to create amazing websites. There’s practically nothing you can’t do with WordPress.

There are other platforms and they also assist in creating mean and powerful websites. These include Wix and Weebly but neither holds candle to the Speedfunctionality, capability and applicability that WordPress has to offer.

Notable brands that use WordPress

Many Notable brands trust WordPress to power their online presence. Check out just a few of these sites.

Star Wars News



techcrunch TOM

The New Yorker

newyorker TOM

Sony music

sony music



BBC America

bbc america


What you need to create a WordPress website

There are a number of things you need before you start to create a WordPress website that is professionally looking. These things are;

  • Domain registration & Hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Choosing a WordPress Theme
  • Customizing your Website
  • Adding Content to your Website

Let’s get into it…

First Step: Domain registration & Hosting

Domain name is what you put on the google search bar. It is what defines your website.

For instance, this website’s domain name is the organic millennial. Your website could reflect your business name. For instance ‘XYZ company’ and such. Anything you fancy here could be a domain name.

When you have identified your domain name, you will need to ‘register’ this name. This is where you choose the suffix as you like.

For instance, this website is under a  .com. Now, let’s assume that your business is xyz ltd.

You decide that you want a .com extension. you will register your domain as  This website is

There are other extensions such as .org, .info,, and many others.

Its up to you to decide which extension you want. .com is the most common extension and you can go with that if you do not know exactly what you want.

Do not stress too much over this. You can always register the extensions you didn’t choose later.

For the purpose of this study, let’s go with the .com one.

How to register the domain name

You will need to register your domain name with a hosting company.

There are numerous companies providing services online and one should be very careful because most of them could mess you up big time if you do not take care.

I recommend using Blue Host for to register and host your website.

Click here to create an account and register your domain on Blue Host.


One of the main qualities you should look for when seeking a hosting company is their reliability and customer service.

You need to have a company that is stable as this will ensure that your website is always online 24/7.

Blue Host is one of the best hosting companies I have experienced so far. Click on the link above, open an account and let’s go onto the next step.

** By following my links, I get some commission at no extra cost to you and you get some discount. Its a win-win.**

After you have created an account, its time to register your domain. Blue Host is currently running a great offer that gives you a FREE domain.

Just click on the Get started button on their website and claim your purchase.

blue host

You will be taken to a new page that shows the selections you have at your disposal. You can choose what you think suits your business. If your business is small, or are just starting out, go with the basic plan.

You can always upgrade later as business grows. If your business is size able, you can choose the prime offer as it offer you practically UNLIMITED bundles which are very critical for your business.

Kindly note that we have incorporated both hosting and domain registration together. They go as a package in most instances.

Hosting relates the space you must buy so that your website can be seen online.

Developers opt to register domain in other places and then proceed to host the same in a company of their choice. But this is for non technical people. Just bundle the same and get down with it.

After you choose the offer, its time to register your domain.

You will need to write the name you will use in the box provided, then choose the extension needed from the drop down menu. .com is the default. So type in what you want.

blue host domain register

If someone has already registered the domain name you seek to register, you will get a message showing that the domain name is not available for registration. It will then give you other options.

You can go back and test a different name until you get what you need.

Once you get the domain name is available, congrats, you can now proceed to create your account and register.

blue host account

The package information will be displayed and the total amount billable for the year.

Proceed to pay.

Kindly note that the amount is billed yearly. You can cancel the subscription at the end of the year though if need be, no worries.

After you pay, you will receive an email showing confirmation and showing that your domain, has been duly registered and hosted for a whole year.

Start building your WordPress Website

There are a number of things we are going to do here on a step-by-step process. DO NOT skip any step.

Second Step: Installing WordPress from the Control Panel

Blue Host is one of the websites recommended by WordPress and hence offers what they call 1-click WordPress installation.

This means that you do not need to download WordPress. You will install it directly in your host’s account. The login details will be sent to your email. That is what you will use.

Once inside their account (what is called your control panel), go to MOJO marketplace and click on WordPress.

blue host cpanel

This opens the installation window and all you need to do is click the green START button. The installation usually takes just a few seconds depending on your computer speed and Internet connections.

WP install

Now, click on check Domain and ensure that your domain, is the one chosen on the drop down.

WP install

On the Advanced options, you will be able to set up your username and password for your WordPress website. You will need this information when logging into your WordPress account.

Ensure that your username is not ‘admin’ as this is what hackers target a lot. Use a unique name and a very strong password for your website.


WordPress will then proceed to install after you click ‘Install Now’.

installation WP

After the Installation is complete, you will receive an email with your site’s url, admin url, username and password chosen. You will need that to get into the next phase.

Third Step: Installing WordPress Theme

After you have logged onto the WordPress using the details sent to your email, its time to set up that website!

The first thing we need to do is install a theme.

A theme is a sort of template that allows you to create a specific website. Do not worry too much about this. There are hundreds of thousands of such themes out there and they are all at your disposal.

You will need to choose one of them according to the kind of website you want to create.

Choosing the right theme

before you start building your website, you must choose a theme. You need to put two critical factors into consideration for the choice of your theme;

What  is the purpose of your website?

Decide what purpose your website will serve. For instance, is it a blog? Will it be a business website? If so, what type of business? Consulting, photography and fashion, medical?

These factors are pretty important because they allow you to choose the perfect theme for your website.

Free or premium WordPress theme?

Everyone loves free stuff. I know I do and if I can get something nice and free, then I would definitely go for it. But…as you may have known, there is always a downside to having free stuff.

If you want to build a professional business website, go for a paid theme. In this tutorial, we are going to use a theme from mythemeshop.

Click the link, check them out, see the kind of themes they have on offer and just enjoy looking at the possibilities presented to you.

They have pretty amazing themes. To give you an insight, Viral Nova website, built on a theme from mythemeshop sold for a whopping $100m!

Building the site

Now let’s get down to business.

I will try to explain as much as I can and in details on how to build our website. Kindly note that this will be a basic website.

If you want to learn and dive deep to be able to create mind blowing stuff, head over to WPCrafter and take some lessons.

Now, assuming you are already accustomed to Mythemeshop, has created an account and purchased a theme, its time to start building the site.

Let’s assume that we are building a health and fitness website. We need to create something amazing, with nice pictures and functionality that will be attractive to people looking to get fit.

JustFit WordPress theme

The best theme for this niche is JUSTFIT. Check its demo on the page to see how beautifully the theme works.

Click on the image below to purchase the theme. Currently retailing at $69. If you click on the image link below, you will be able to purchase the theme at $47. Nice discount, eh?

justfit theme

After your purchase, you will be redirected to download the theme in a zip file. Do so and save it in your computer.

Wp theme upload

Click Upload theme, choose the theme from where you had saved it on your computer, then click install now. Once the theme is installed, click ‘activate now’.

Time to move onto the next step…

Fourth Step: Customizing the theme

To create something as amazing as this DEMO shows, you will need a number of things:

  1. Logo
  2. Plugins

On the theme customization, go to ‘appearance’ then ‘customize’ and then start working on your website.

Logo Design

If you are a good designer, you can create a nice logo on Photoshop and upload it on your website. If you are a non techie (Like me), you will want to still make a beautiful logo that appeals to your clients.

Go to or click on banner below, input the Coupon Code 10568 and you will receive an a amazing discount on your logo! Its practically a drag and drop, no design skills needed.

custom logo design

If you are not a good designer and you do not want to create your own logo, you can always get someone to design your logo at Fiverr.

 There are some great designers there are they are very affordable, with prices starting from just $5. However, ensure that you read the reviews before you engage someone as some may do a horrible job.

Do not be blinded by the low price asked for your logo. Click on the banner below to head to site, create an account, find a designer, then wait for your logo to get designed.

Get your logo and million of other services For As Little As $5! Visit Now!


Plugins are add-ons that improve the functionality of your WordPress website. There are millions and millions of these plugins out there.

Luckily for us, most of these plugins are FREE and they function just fine. the most important ones include those that will ensure that your website is safe, contact forms and social media plugins.

Plugin to ensure the website is safe


The most common plugin that most people use to enhance the safety of their WordPress website is Wordfence. To install this plugin, go to the dashboard, click plugin, add new, then type Wordfence on the search bar.

plugin install.

This plugin has been installed by more than a million people and has a five star rating. That is a good sign.

After you click install, click activate. The plugin will be installed. You can go to the plugin settings to make some extra adjustments as you wish.

Plugin to enable people to contact you

Contact form

I like using Contact form 7 for most of my sites. Its easy, simple and effective.

Repeat the same action you have done while installing Wordfence above and activate, adjust the form in the plugin settings and you will be good to go.

Plugin to enhance your SEO and improve ranking on Google

Yoast SEO

This plugin is an excellent one in terms of allowing you to optimize your posts. When you write a post, you will need to rank on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Yoast SEO ensures that your post is optimized for ranking on search engines by giving you easy and direct action-points to take to enable the posts be fully SEO optimized. Check the following screenshot as an example.

yoast SEO test

There are other numerous plugins to choose from, depending on what you wish to do on your website.

For instance, you may wish to present some sort of a Quiz on your website. You will need a plugin for that.

Most are FREE but premium ones have more functionality. If you can afford premium ones, I would suggest you go for that.

Fifth Step: Add Content to your website

You will need to add content to your website so that your readers can be able to interact with you.

Stock Images

You may need to get some great looking and high quality images that will appeal to your readers. Head over to and gain access to millions of high quality images available for your convenience.

Updating content

If you are creating a blog, such as this one, content matters a great deal. A business website is easier to maintain because the content does not keep changing with time.

A blog on the other hand has to keep evolving so that the audience can be fully captivated all the time. You will need to keep creating and adding content to your blog now and then.

Making money from your website

Today, there are millions of bloggers around the world. It is true that one can make money from blogging. If that was the original goal for creating a website, you will need to come up with strategy on how you will make money and how you will market the blog.

For instance, as you read the content on this post, you noticed that in some cases, I offer links where people can go and make a purchase (Hope you clicked my links and bought something [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy” wrap=”i”]) .

I get paid some commission when people buy stuff through my links.

There are other numerous ways to make money online. For instance, taking surveys online is an easy way to make some money, although not so much.

See how much you can earn by taking surveys online now >>

Other methods include freelancing, virtual assistance services and a bunch of other jobs you can do online. Check the following website- It converts your traffic into money, literally.


We are creating a very comprehensive and updated list of various ways you can earn money online working remotely.

Stay tuned for that.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the above directive keenly, you will be able to create a WordPress website without much fuss. To be able to make perfect websites, you will need to keep practicing.

Word-press is a platform that is easy and fun to learn. You can create practically anything using this platform as you observed.

If you have any queries, or got stuck somewhere in your journey, just drop me a comment below or Contact me and I will be glad to assist.

The ball is in your court now. Will you play?



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