Guide on how to use a Ketosis strip

Guide on how to use a Ketosis strip

When you are two or three weeks into your diet, it is reasonable to expect some level of ketosis in your body. One of the tools that can help you know for sure is a ketosis strip.

It can be confusing if it’s your first time with a ketosis strip. To better understand how to use a Ketosis strip we first need to understand what Ketosis is all about.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is when your body’s metabolism burns fats instead of glucose to produce energy for your body’s cells. During this process of burning fats, the body releases Ketones to energize your body’s cells.


This is where a Ketosis strip comes into the picture.

Basically, it is a paper test strip that you can use to detect ketones in your urine.

Ketosis strips provide one of the most affordable alternatives to measuring your ketoses levels accurately. You can quickly get a kit that comes with everything you need and measure. The kits are easily available in most online and over the counter stores.

How a ketosis strip works

 With one end having the absorptive pad, a Ketosis strip will detect ketoses in your body through a urine test.

The absorptive pad comes with a chemical reagent that changes color in the presence of acids in your urine.

Since Ketoses are acidic substances, the strip’s color will change depending on the amount of Ketone concentration in your urine.

Mostly the ketosis strip will feature shades of pink whereby light pink will stand for the small presence of ketones, with the dark purple color representing a full-blown ketosis.

In fact, most tests actually detect the acetone level in your urine which is a sign of Ketosis. However, blood tests are able to detect beta-hydroxybutyrate which is a more accurate indicator of ketones present in your blood.

How to use a ketosis strip

Now that you understand how it works, how about you learn how to use them during a Ketone-urine test.

Well, the process is simple. First, you pee directly at the one end of the strip that has the absorptive pad. You can also immerse it into your urine sample as well.

Give it about 15 to 60 seconds while the pad absorbs the urine and changes color.

After that, compare the color on your strip with the color in the chart provided by the kit. That will allow you to determine the concentration of ketones in your body and therefore ketosis.

How accurate can a Ketosis strip get?

Well, when your body starts to enter ketosis, a Ketosis strip can manage to give pretty accurate results. This is usually in the first or second week of your ketogenic diet.

Timing can be crucial as there are two states you need to pay attention to.

The first is the Keto-adaptation stage and the second is the ketosis stage.

While you are just starting on your ketogenic diet, it will take time for your body to adapt to the ketones being produced by your body. At this time, a ketosis strip might miss indicating any ketoses since most of the ketones being produced are going straight to feed your brain and body muscles.

After a while, when your body has already produced sufficient levels of ketoses to energize your body, a ketosis strip will provide a more accurate result. The reason is simple.

This is the ketosis stage and your body at this point has already finished adapting to the ketones produced. As a result, your body is making more ketones that it needs and to provide a balance, most of the ketones are eliminated through the urine.

Alternatives to a ketosis strip

Apart from using a ketosis strip, you can also use ketone breathalyzers and blood ketone meters as an alternative.

  • Blood ketone meters

 When it comes to blood ketone meters, even though they can be a bit pricey, they deliver a good bang for the buck as they give the most accurate results.

Blood meters come in a variety and just like other medical tests you will have to give a small prick to your finger and draw some blood for the tests to work.

  • Ketone breathalyzers

On the other hand, a ketone breathalyzer is a simple alternative to the two methods we have talked about.

Plus it offers a more detailed analysis as well making it a good fit for those who are looking for a technical tool for measuring ketones in the body.

It can also be used several times making it worth the price.

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