Diseases that can be cured or prevented through the ketogenic diet

Diseases that can be cured or prevented through the ketogenic diet

When conducting research to write the absolute guide to the ketogenic diet, I noticed that there are a number of diseases that can benefit from this diet. I decided to write conduct more research on this and provide a more detailed analysis of how ketogenic diet cures or prevents occurrence of some diseases. The diseases discussed in this article benefit most when ketogenic diet is applied.

However, I would like to place a disclaimer that whereas all possible caution has been done to ensure the information provided below is accurate, your doctor should always have the final say on your condition and recommendations on drugs and products to take if you suffer from any disease mentioned here.

1. Epilepsy and Ketogenic Diet

Since the introduction of the diet in 1921, a lot of refractory childhood epilepsy has been cured through the ketogenic diet. The diet was initially taken as a last resort when conventional drugs did not work.

In some instances, people who suffer from epilepsy may find that normal conventional drugs and medicine do not work for their condition. Others find that the side effects of these drugs are too much for them. The alternative solution for these people is Ketogenic diet.

Epilepsy is a condition where a person experiences seizures owing to the brain’s hyperactivity.

According to this research, over 50% of epileptic patients experience an improvement in their condition once they embrace the usage of the diet.

However, care should be taken when engaging in this diet as a cure for epilepsy. The Atkins Diet, a variation of Keto has been proven to be most effective among adults as well as children aged 2 and above. The Atkins Diet is a low carb diet which is recommended for people seeking to lose weight through consumption of a lot of protein and low carbs.( Learn more about this and other forms of ketogenic diets here)

2. Alzheimer’s and Ketogenic Diet

Alzheimer’s is another common disease, particularly among aged people. It is a condition characterized by progressive loss of memory after seizures in temporal lobe impair cognition capacities.

In other words, the condition inhibits the capacity of the patient to remember things and in some severe circumstances, It renders the patient completely incapable of performing basic human functions.

Ketogenic diet has been proven to increase the brain co-ordination and balance among people with alzheimers. For better results, people suffering from this disease are advised to take supplements and MCT Oil to enhance brain power



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3. Multiple Sclerosis

Another field in which Ketogenic is proving to be effective is in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that impairs nerves resulting in disruption of communication between the brain and other body organs.

This then results in impaired memory, vision and in some cases, the muscles are left numb, affecting the ability to move or balance oneself.

Patients who have engaged in Ketogenic diet have recorded improvements in their cure for this condition over time.

According to PubMed, Multiple Sclerosis affects the capacity of the body to use glucose as a fuel source, leading to inflammations. Ketogenic diet provides a very effective alternative to glucose, offering the body relief from its inability to absorb sugars for use as an energy source.

4. Obesity and Ketogenic Diet

In the US alone, over 50% of adults are Obese. Two out of three men are stated to be suffering from obesity. The figures are more alarming when it comes to women.

Obesity is the leading cause of coronary heart conditions and this situation has forced the ordinary US citizen to spend over $1,400 annually on treatment of Obesity-related complications.

Many of these coronary diseases related to Obesity result in fatalities.

Ketogenic diet is a widely popular diet which allows people suffering from obesity to lose weight with minimal effort. As noted in the absolute guide to Keto diet, the diet leaves one feeling full and satisfied for longer periods compared to glucose or sugars.

This reduces the compulsion to eat excessively, leading to decrease in weight levels and hence a decline in the potential to become obese among users. This hunger compression capacity of Ketogenic diet is an important element in the fight against Obesity.

Studies have shown that people who engage in Ketogenic diet lose more weight faster compared to other forms of low-carb diets because of the former’s capacity to suppress hunger and need for food.

To fasten the process, many people use Supplements and MCT Oil.

5. Autism

Autism spectrum disorder is a disease that affects a person’s ability to socialize, repetitive behaviors, speech inhibition, communication disorders and other basic forms of expression.

The disease commonly affects young children mostly between 2 and 3 years of age.

Many people who have autism may also experience seizures owing to the hyperactive brain cells. This places them in the same category as epilepsy.

The usage of Ketogenic diet in the right manner has been observed to lead to dramatic improvements in autism management. The diet suppresses the hyper-activeness of the brain allowing for normal co-ordination and balancing.

6. Coronary diseases and Ketogenic Diet

Coronary diseases such as strokes and heart failure are common among people who have high levels of cholesterol in their bodies.

This is also brought about by accumulation of fat around major and important organs such as blood vessels, constraining them and thus leading to an increase in blood pressure.

When these organs are deprived of blood, they are deprived of oxygen and this could lead to fatalities.

In the Ketogenic diet, the body feeds on these fats, stored as lipids in the body. Ultimately, the level of fats go down and with it, the likelihood of sustaining a stroke or heart attack when walking your dog in the evening.

7. Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition brought about by heightened blood sugar levels in the body.

When engaging in Ketogenic diet, the levels of sugar in the blood decrease tremendously in both type I and type II diabetes.

The result becomes decreased sugar levels, less likelihood of high blood pressure and loss of weight. People under diabetes medication have been able to discontinue these drugs after a specific period of time after they engage in the Ketogenic diet.

8. Parkinson’s Disease


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