Comprehensive guide to Ketosis and how to achieve this state

Comprehensive guide to Ketosis and how to achieve this state

Getting into the ketosis state is one of the major objectives of any person keen on practising the ketogenic diet.

So most people ask, what is ketosis and how can I achieve ketosis state?

This article will demystify what ketosis is and offer advice on how you can achieve this state fast. If you are already familiar with this state and have started practising the ketogenic diet, check out Symptoms and signs that show you are in Ketosis state.

What is Ketosis?

As explained in the introductory bit of the Absolute guide to the ketogenic diet, ketosis in utter simplicity is the state where the body turns to fats as a source of energy rather than glucose.

You should understand that this is a normal, natural metabolic state where the body is fueled primarily by fats. There are many benefits that are associated with this state including rapid loss of weight or decreased performance levels.

In some situations, if this state is not controlled, the results could be disastrous. A good example is in the case where one suffers from type I diabetes and other related complications.

However, the benefits associated with this state far outweigh the cons and if well followed, one can be able to get all the benefits while avoiding the negative effects in the process.


During the keto diet, the body produces some fuel molecules which are known as Ketones. These ketones are poduced in the liver, from fatty lipids in your body. They are then consumed by the body as a source of fuel or alternative for glucose.

Glucose is found in carbohydrates and it gets broken down into tiny energy deposits called glycogen. The underlying concept of the Keto diet is to deprive the body of the carbohydrates. This forces the body to utilize the glycogen reserves to power its organs.

After these reserves have been depleted, where does the body get energy to continue powering its organs?

That’s right, from ketones.

The brain utilizes a lot of energy and since it can only feed on glucose or ketones,when ketones are available in large quantities, the body is said to be in ketosis. Amazing things will happen to you body in this state.

Since your body utilizes fats as a source of energy, fat will start disappearing from your body.

Some people buy ketone supplements to make their bodies get into ketosis faster. Check out this perfect ketone supplement

The brain loves Ketones

brain loves ketones

The brain is one of the organs that utilize a lot of energy in our bodies. To sustain its operations, the organ has to get energy from either glucogen or ketones.

Glucose is not a permanent source of energy. It get depleted very quickly. Once it does, the body shifts to a more reliable source of energy-fats- in form of energy molecules called Ketones.

Benefits of Ketosis

Now that you have a pretty good picture of what Ketosis is, you might be wondering what are the benefits associated with the same.

Other than facilitating burning of fats quickly, ketosis has other several benefits as detailed below;

Weight loss- This is one of the immediate benefit and also one of the majo reasons people engage in the ketogenic diet. When in ketosis, the body taps into fats directly as a source of energy and this will result in a decrease in the fat quantity levels tremendously.

Increased focus levels and mental wellness- As stated above, the bain loves ketones as a source of fuel. Ketones are a more reliable sources of energy for the brain and hence the brain will retain consistent mental focus.

Increased levels of energy- The reliability of fats as a source of energy implies that you will be more lively and more energenic when in this state. This leads to increased levels of physical performance because the body is deprived of sugars in the blood. Less sugar implies that you will be able to have more physical activity.

Prevention and treatment of diseases- Keto diet has been proven to treat or prevent the occurrence of various ailments such as diabetes, Epilepsy, Alzheimers and even some types of cancer.

*To understand more on how keto diet enables prevention or healing of various diseases, read this article on diseases that can be cured or prevented through the ketogenic diet.

How do I know that I am in Ketosis state?

You could be in ketosis mode and not know. This is not common though as your body is able to ‘tell’ you about what is going on. When you get into this mode, you will be able to notice changes in your body, mental focus, energy levels and much more.

In a conventional case, we use a Ketosis Strip to measure if we are already in ketosis, by looking at the number of ketones in ou system. Besides that, you can also Check out signs and symptoms that you are already in ketosis state.

Don’t know how to use a strip? See this guide on how to use a ketosis strip.

What are the side effects of being in ketosis state?

Being in ketosis is great and amazing stuff are happening in this state. However, you need to be aware of some side effects that are associated with being in this state.

Luckily, most of these side effects pass after a relatively short period of time. In extreme cases, ketosis can cause harm because of the rapid weight loss. As such, if one has a pre-existing condition, it would be advisable to seek consultation of their doctor before engaging in this diet.

The side effects are mainly felt when someone if in full ketosis. To learn more about these side effects, read this article on 10 most common side effects to expect when in full ketosis.

The Ketosis challenge and Final take

To achieve maximum results and benefits from the ketogenic diet, being in ketosis is important. We have prepared a 14 day  challenge to assist you reach this state faster.

Some people can reach this state in as fast as 3 days dependinng on a number of factor including whether they engage in intermittent fasting.

We know its tough getting there and we are here to help.




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